SynerTech Pakistan is staffed by some of the best professionals and technical experts of the country. Our service engineers and application chemists are fully equipped to provide immediate on-location backup services to our customers. Similarly, the after sales services personnel of SynerTech Pakistan are fully trained to not only intervene for preventive or remedial maintenance on all laboratory equipment, but also for installation and training needs.We provide following services to our customers as post sales support.

Installation of Instruments and Training

Warranty Support

Testing and Calibration of the Systems

Servicing and Maintenance of Instrument

Applications specific Instrumentation Services

Break down Services

The performance of the instruments is also depending upon the usage, handling and maintenance. SynerTech Pakistan as a service organization has several service programs designed to meet your needs. From the recommended preventive maintenance programs to repair coverage and emergency service, SynerTech Pakistan will ensure you get the best.

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