About Us

About Us

SynerTech Pakistan was incorporated on Lake Road, Near Jain Mandir, Lahore under The Companies Ordinance 1984. The initial objective to establish the company was to provide fine chemicals, high purity solvents, analytical reagents for synthesis, minerals, microbiology, and Certified Reference Materials for diversified needs of the customers. Since then it has come a long way in establishing as one of the market leaders in this field.

SynerTech Pakistan is an Exclusive distributor of world renowned principals Honeywell-Germany, DWK Life Sciences and Stalwart Instruments in Pakistan for their complete range of the Fine chemicals & reagents, High purity Solvents, CRms, analytical & pesticides standards, Glassware and Plastic ware.

Our extensive range of glass and plastic labware comprises over 3,000 general purpose and specialised products carrying some of the best known names in science which include Pyrex®, Qucikfit®, Azlon®, MBL®.

Further that Our Company has taken initiative and established a calibration and testing services laboratory as well. SynerTech Pakistan is committed to get Accreditation from PNAC, Pakistan National Accreditation Council in order to get ISO 17025:2005 and hence operating according to world renowned ISO 17025:2005 standards requirements.

The company is staffed by some of the best people of their field available in the country. The highly specialized nature of our activities imposes exacting demands on both the company’s work force and management. SynerTech Pakistan fulfills these by exercising stringent quality control standards over its operations, resources and services. SynerTech Pakistan corporate head office is in Lahore with major branch offices in Karachi and Faisalabad.

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