Chemical Division

SynerTech Pakistan initial objective was to provide high quality laboratory chemicals, bulk chemicals, drinking water minerals and standards. SynerTech Pakistan started of with the distribution of Honeywell to provide high quality product with good prices.

In our range we have a Laboratory chemicals, Analytical Reagents, Clinical Reagents, Stains, Indicators, Bio-chemicals & HPLC solvents. SynerTech Pakistan gives you assurance of high quality & high reliability in all its products.

Honeywell formally known as Rdh Riedel de haen is the leading manufacturer of high purity solvent, reagents and chromatography products with for laboratory and pharmaceutical production. Honeywell high-purity products is designed to meet the requirements of nearly every application from demanding high-performance liquid chromatography to pesticide residue analysis.

Burdick & Jackson can provide nearly every solvent or reagent you need in a variety of grades to suit your application. These products can be packaged in everything from traditional amber glass bottles to returnable stainless steel containers for production or bulk use. We also offer a suite of chromatography products that are produced to the same purity standards as our chemicals.

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